March 2013

social media particularities

March 27, 2013

one of the most annoying social media trends, to me, is the announcement of an announcement… So you’re telling me, a month from saturday last week, you will tell me something about an event that happens two months from next friday… RIGHT.. how about you tell me what you have to announce, when you announce […]

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Future and wondering about it..

March 26, 2013

Lately I have found myself wondering a lot about what is next, what to do? Is it time for a change ? A well planned change ? Or should I just dive out into the blue ? It’s probably time to focus more on writing! So what would you like to see more of ? […]

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The Freaks

March 20, 2013

What freaks we are! always craving what we cannot have and when we can, we cannot even enjoy it. already craving something else! Devoured by our desires, burning from the inside out. leaving empty shells, unable to fill these voids. screams echoing the hollow, inside of us disconnected freaks. Disconnected from ourselves we plug our […]

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