January 2014


January 27, 2014

The way things happen. The magic of the moment; when it all aligns goes outward in, inward out. and you realize a million little things had to fall into place to create this magic moment can you do anything? anything but stand in awe, and love the perfection of it all! no matter what happens […]

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January 22, 2014

decadence is growing can you feel it flowing pushing the envelope more and more! keep on going burn your soul! let it go up in divine, cleansing flames purifying, freely consuming, burning with and inside your soul the fire lets you fly so much higher. ©steve sniukas

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Heaven and Hell

January 9, 2014

My eyes were deafened by the sound my ears were blinded by the sight standing in heaven feeling it like hell Close my eyes, so I can see the way I’m heading in no longer waiting for the day that’ll never come Don’t regret a thing; are you the one to paint the pictures from […]

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