April 2015


April 29, 2015

So I have been on the road for 4 months, and one of my reasons to travel was to find answers to some personal questions that have been bugging me for a while, I am glad to report that I did indeed find some answers, not all of what I was looking for but some […]

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Peru – Iquitos – Wonderfully weird place

April 28, 2015

So now that a few weeks have passed since I left Iquitos, it’s time to look back. Iquitos is a wonderfully weird town, and hard to describe as it’s filled with such contrasts that it’s hard to either pin it down to positive or negative or just plain crazy, which probably sums it up best, […]

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Peru – Tapiche Jungle Reserve

April 14, 2015

Following a more or less chaotic week in Iquitos, I finally headed out to the Tapiche Reserve (www.tapichejungle.com) on a Monday at 1 pm, with Kat a volunteer from the Green Track Hostel (which has the same owner as the Tapiche Reserve).  Normally one leaves in the morning by bus to Nauta and then by […]

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April 3, 2015

In my travels i have met a few people that still give me hope for humanity, but some of the crap that people spit out on social media (or in Politics, or in any other way, shape and form).. Nationalist, ignorant and just plain stupid is mindblowing. Hope someday people will realise that countries, nationality, […]

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