Seven That Spells & Jastreb @ Rocas, Luxembourg 23.09.12

Seven That Spells & Jastreb @ Rocas, Luxembourg 23.09.12 This was one I had been looking forward to for quite some time! Got to the venue around 7:30, and started off with some Havana Club and Coke. E. joined a bit later, and after refilling our drinks we headed outside to smoke a few joints before the show.. The entire concert was cozy and familiar, in parts due to the very small size of the venue.

Shortly after 9, Jastreb, and yes this time they actually played, took the stage. They performed as a duo, of drums and guitar, and as such their sound was a bit monotonous, though never boring. The small room was quickly filled by the smoke machine, which made it easier to get lost in the music, as you could barely see your hand in front of your eyes. They performed an excerpt from Ygdrassil, their 36 minute track, but even though I don’t wear a watch, they probably played about 20-25 minutes, so for me too short! I was actually hoping for an extended version, not a shorter one! But they did not bring about the apocalypse with their sound, although that is their ultimate self-proclaimed goal! This is probably due to the fact that the same musicians are in Seven that spells, coming from the future to save the world of rock!

Jastreb left the stage, and shortly after their show (following 10’000 joints) the musicians took the stage again but this time around as Seven that Spells, and they performed as a Trio. Seven that spells kicks as for sure! And even though there were not much more than maybe 50 people at the show, after a song or 2 people actually started to move a bit! Niko had previously noted that in fact the crowd seemed to be a tough one! This is indeed true for Luxembourg as usually people have a mighty stick up their ass that prevents them from any major movement at concerts. Although the show almost lasted for 2 hours, it felt a bit short, probably because in those 2 hours, Seven that spells played about 6 or 7 songs. When they announced their last track, the crowd was audibly and visibly disappointed, and Niko said no one should worry as the track would last 2 hours, which in the end it did not, but it was a gnarly one nonetheless! Following an invitation to buy some merch, not because they are poor but just so they can get more hookers and heroine, the show was over.

We chatted a bit with the band after the show, and gave them a nice little nugget for relaxation after the show! Thanks for coming to Luxembourg, and I for one hope to see both bands again soon!