riders on the storm

Riders on the storm (aka the Doors, Robby Krieger & Ray Manzarek) in Budapest, Hungary 07.07.07

Riders on the storm (aka the Doors, Robby Krieger & Ray Manzarek) in Budapest, Hungary 07.07.07 This was quite an interesting trip! Riders on the storm (the doors) played on a Saturday 07 of July 07 in Budapest, and as life would have it, a friend of mine, G., knows Robby Krieger, and invited me to go see the show. Saturday morning I hopped on a plane to Budapest. After a little walk around the city, G. and I headed over to the band’s hotel where we met Brett Scallions (vocals), Ty Dennis (Drums), and Phil Chen (Bass). Shortly thereafter Ray Manzarek, and Robby Krieger came down. And off we were to go get dinner with Robby, and Phil. I did not quite expect that one! The hotel had called a restaurant which opened their kitchen a bit early so we were the only guests in the place. I was honestly stunned to be sitting at a table with a true music heavy weight such as Robby Krieger,hearing him tell stories of the old days with Jim Morrison was quite mind blowing! He told us how Morrison and himself had gotten into a bar fight the night before a TV appearance; they were in some town’s local bar, and of course stood out as the long haired hippies, Morrison was provoked, and provoked back, so they both ended up getting their ass kicked. And a few other stories which were quite funny! But honestly Robby Krieger is a really down to earth guy, who loves his music, and nowadays a good golf game as well! A tasty meal and a couple of glasses of good wine later we were in a cab following the band’s van to the venue, a picturesque little amphitheatre style place located on a small “island” in the middle of the Danube (Margaret Island Open Air Theatre). I had been listening a lot to the Doors throughout the years, so I was not sure what to expect! Especially since Morrison’s vocals, are quite distinctive, but, in my opinion Brett Scallions did a great job! The beginning of the concert was a bit odd, people were pretty much all stuck in their seats, which I watched from the side of the stage, up close, ready to let the music take me in, and dance! A cold beer and a smoke in my hands the intro started, and off it went into love me two times, so glad I did not sit in a chair! Scallions, I think agreed, and urged people to come closer right before break on through, and luckily people followed the call, and the party was on! With the first notes of break on through people just went off! Young and old(er), just going with the music! Knowing Robby, and the rest of the band, and crew personally, G. had the privilege of taking photos throughout the entire show. (If I get permission I’ll post some here) But I had no time to take photos, the music was just pulling me in. I think by the time of Peace Frog I was in a complete trance, flowing with the sound, and the people. The sound was great, the nature of the venue, made for a really full sound the crowd was perfect, and kept on asking for more, but after about 2 hours the band left the stage, a great applause later they came back for a great encore, with riders on the storm, and Light my fire. Having an all access pass, we went back stage, and hung out a bit with the band! But Robby and Ray, were quite exhausted from the show, which they had every right to be, these 2 men still love their music, and put their hearts and souls into it!

G. and I hung out a bit at the venue, and ended up getting a ride from one of the organizers back to his hotel. Luckily G. had a nice suite, where I could squad the sofa for some drinks and smokes, listening to music, and enjoying the afterglow of a great concert! As I was on a short trip, I had not bothered to book a room.. A mere 24 hours after my arrival I was on a plane back home to be back at work on a Monday morning ;) Short but intense, and well worth the ride !