Force of Habit

Circling and cycling ideas in my head,
but life confronts me, over and over with the same challenges.
I wonder:
Am I in charge through;
or am I a victim of:

Force of habit,
forced by my habits?
forced liked the sea by the moons gravity;
first I’m pulled in,
and then I push back out

They say a good mule hits the same wall but once!
but what if this time the wall breaks?
Just like me, keeping up my habits coaxed by desire,
going for a different end.

Force of habit,
forced by my habits ?
forced like the leaves blowing in the wind;
first I’m flying,
and then miserably I end

Or is it just my nature?
and what if things turned out different, just this once!
and what if, though unknown to me the only thing to set me free is ….

(true love)


©steve sniukas