current state of affairs....

without all the reasoning behind it, here is a thought: Our world in its current state can only be saved if the "regular" people will get off their ass, and actually chase all those in "power" out of it, and install a direct democracy (which granted might not be the most efficient, but at least it is closest to the majority deciding, so has a chance at "fairness".)

This is the case as, simply put the people and corporations that are in charge, have come to a point where they are so consumed by their "power" they long to have more of it all the time, in whatever way shape or form they can get it!!

The only people truly fit to run the world, would be those totally opposed to doing so, and even they may well be corrupted by "power" at some point.

The other option I see would be if we'd actually just, each one of us, do one good thing for someone else per week, and at least try not to harm anyone else, we'll be fine as well.. But do we have the discipline for this one?