Kyuss Lives @ Rockhal support: heartbeat parade 12.06.12

Kyuss Lives @ Rockhal support: heartbeat parade 12.06.12 Following a nice Indian dinner with plenty of cardamom liquor, on the way to the Rockhal we got a nice high going. We got there a bit late so Heartbeat Parade was already on stage. We caught only a bit of them, as it was indeed time to get a bit higher. Apparently we were not the only ones doing so, as at the merchandise stand the band was also looking for some weed. We helped them out a little, but only a little as none of us had brought a lot, other than the dozen pre-rolled joints I had on me.

S. , C. and I entered a little earlier as we did not want to repeat last years’ experience of missing the intro. House of the rising sun by the animals, was a nice choice, and perfectly fit with the current “desert sun” backdrop. Bruno Fevery, and Billy Cordell entered the stage first, and these 2 sure do kick ass, Nick Oliveri, and Josh Homme (who hasn’t been in a decent band since Kyuss) were not missed at all! Followed by Brand Bjork, and John Garcia, they started us of with Hurricane, and it took all but 2 seconds before we had moshpit going, and plenty of space! At the beginning it was only 3 or 4 of us, but luckily the freaks in attendance started to gather around our spot and joined in the fun! I guess we shocked a few people that probably planned to be standing in the middle of the room for the entire show ;)… But after all it is freaking KYUSS! One inch Man, kicked our asses some more, as did the rest of the set list! By Gardenia I was already dripping wet, and there were about 10-15 people in the pit, which looking around us, was quite a variation to the rest of the room. Not that the band was not seriously kicking ass, but the crowd was at their usual Luxembourgish best. ( a large stick up their ass, so they can’t move anymore.. be careful not to become a victim if you visit concerts in Luxembourg) By the time of Freedom Run, it was time to light up again, after all Kyuss defined stoner rock, so by my standards; at least a few people in the crowd should be getting high. Additionally the jam at the end of Freedom Run, made for an opportune moment to smoke a bit. At least by now the moshpit was going strong and well! Kudos to the nice gal that gave me a sip of her beer, which was very needed by this time. Overall the light show was very basic, and no excessive visuals were in use, ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, just the way it ought to be! After a brutal 100° the band left the stage for a few minutes only to come back and blow our minds a bit more! Molten Universe was as powerful as ever, Spaceship landing has always been one of my favorites so, thanks for that! And of course Odyssey! “Take one to the mountain, take one to the sea, then you take one to the belly of the beast, and then you’ll take one with me. “ Which we did to the fullest extend! HELL YEAH, and looking forward to hearing and seeing Kyuss again!

Hurricane One inch man Gardenia Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop Thumb Green Machine Freedom Run Whitewater El Rodeo 100° Encore: Molten Universe Spaceship landing Odyssey