Luchafer & Puscifer @ Ancienne Belgique (AB), Brussels, and @ Rockhal, Luxembourg.

Luchafer & Puscifer @ Ancienne Belgique (AB), Brussels, and @ Rockhal, Luxembourg. First of it may seem odd to review two different shows in one go, but considering that they were back to back and complemented each other, for me it’s the best way to review them. Second, in case you still plan to go see the “money shot heard around the world” tour, stop reading now, and just go see them, and go early! If you have an open mind you won’t be disappointed!

It has been 2 years since I first saw Puscifer, and since in 2014 I saw both nights of Cinquanta, I figured it was a good idea to go see them at least twice this tour as well. Considering that now on their 3rd full length album, and a myriad of other releases, Puscifer has come to Europe for the first time, I was sure that one night, would just not be enough of a fix for me. And I was right, having seen 2 nights, I still want to see more! Fortunately for me, as soon as the tour was announced, Luxembourg was included, and when Brussels was added the night before, I knew these would be the 2 shows I’d see as they were fairly convenient, and back to back with only a relatively short drive between them. And knowing that Rockhal does not always sound ideal I wanted to make sure to have the best possible experience and so Ancienne Belgique was a solid choice.

Sunday the 12th was in Brussels, and I left fairly early in the afternoon, in order to be on time. I had no idea yet what to expect, but I was sure I would not want to miss a thing, and was pretty much excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. At 8 pm sharp Luchafer took the stage, and well, they took but a moment or two to bring me into a state of confusion and questioning what the fuck is going on. Certainly not what I would expect as an opener for a concert, a Lucha wrestling feast, with the battle for the Key of something or other.  First the characters are introduced, and then the wrestling ring is revealed. The rest of the stage setup was already in place with the drums in front of the ring, a small podium with keyboards to the right of the ring, and a small podium to the left of it for bass and guitar. On the left and right of the stage there were small screens that played the commentator for the match.  And then there was 1 small stand for spectators, randomly chosen from the crowd before the show, on each side of the stage. The humor employed was excellent, that is if you’re open minded. Some people may find parts of it offensive, such as the pussy punch that turns into a submission through vagina, but I think it’s hilarious! Somewhere between comedy and an actual wrestling match, Luchafer puts on a great show, with some really gnarly moves, and some great laughs! Essentially two opposing wrestling couples, that end up being beaten by the mysterious wine guy, who ends up stealing the key. The show lasted for about 30 minutes, and was followed by a service announcement by Major Douche on the importance of reading, and what speed limit signs are for, concluding with the mission of the night being entertainment, and forbidding all types of recording! And if you’re still thinking you need to watch the show through a screen, well, you’re a dummy, and dummies got to go. I highly appreciated this rule, and the fact that it was rigorously enforced by the security team. Kudos as well to most of the crowd who just obliged, and was happy to just enjoy and experience the show. The last of Major Douche’s announcement was: and now; Puscifer, Puscifer, Puscifer! Which was followed by loud cheers!

The actual musical part of the show, although for me it’s all one show, and not to be separated began with a version of Simultaneous with a new intro by Billy D, also shown on the small screens. The gist of the speech was that even though we think we are far evolved as humans, we are essentially still capable of the same barbaric actions as our forefathers from all time. But that even though were are capable of pure barbarism, humans also hold the capacity for enormously good, selfless acts of heroism. The rendition of Simultaneous was extremely powerful, and dissipated any fear of sound problems or lack of crystal clearness right from the start. Maynard and Carina Round stood in the ring, above the band and crowd which added a sort of royal feel to their presence. Maynard wore a suit, and Lucha mask, and Carina a suit (a dress on night 2), and fortunately not hiding her beauty behind a mask!  Both voices sounded just spectacular right from the start, and it was clear why both are such highly respected musicians! Phenomenal!

Act 1: 1: Simultaneous (with Billy D evolution of Humanity talk) 2: Galileo 3: Agostina

After the first few songs, there was a short intermission where the musicians sat on the side stands, and the wrestlers took over the ring and stage again. A short video on the large screen signaled the beginning of Act 2 with a classic “ring bell” and wrestler in a pink tutu.

Act 2: 4: Vagina Mine 5: Horizons 6: The Arsonist 7: The Remedy

Another short intermission of wrestling, and off we went into act 3 with another funny video.

Act 3: 8: Life of Brian (Apparently you haven’t seen) 9: Rev 22:20 (Carina Round Version – killing it!!!) 10: Grand Canyon 11: The Rapture (Fear is a Mind Killa Mix) 12: Breathe

The last intermission was actually the shortest, but also the funniest, when they staged a mechanical cock fight and Maynard said something about him being unable to get his cock to do anything, before getting back into the music.

Act 4: 13: Toma 14: Telling Ghosts (shorter intro more powerful version) 15: Flippant (reworked much more groovy version) 16: Conditions of my Parole (vocals on megaphone – with Major Douche messages) 17: Money Shot 18: Man Overboard 19: (Cast introductions) 20: The humbling River (AB – Brussels) / Smoke and Mirrors (Rockhal – Luxembourg) 21: Autumn

The 2nd show was on Monday at the Rockhal Box in Luxembourg. It was essentially the same show, with the exception of Smoke and Mirrors being played instead of the Humbling River. And despite having seen it the night before, for me it felt everything but repetitive, if anything, having seen it the night before, made me appreciate it even more. The reason being, as now I had somewhat of an idea what was to come it was easier for me to let go and fully immerse myself in the wrestling show, and thus setting my mood even better for the rest of the evening. The first night I went by myself, and the 2nd one with friends. They all asked me how it was, but I said nothing more than it was excellent, and that no matter what, they should be inside for the start, as they were under the impression Luchafer would be some opener, and would thus have missed an integral part of the show. And I did not want to take away even the slightest bit of surprise, which turned out to be very funny for me, when I saw their dumbfounded and confused looks as it progressed. I think the fact that Lucha wrestling is not that popular in Europe made the effect of Luchafer even more intense, leaving a lot of people simply wondering “what the fuck”. But this confusion and that feeling of insecurity about what can possibly follow such an intro make the rest of the show even better, as essentially your expectations are brutally voided and thus you can actually have your mind blown even more by the band!

The stage and production area at the Rockhal are larger than at AB, so the stage setup was a little bit different as well. The drums were not on stage right away, but actually wheeled in after Luchafer, which was nice for the wrestling, as everything was more visible, but put a little break on the fluidity of the night. In Brussels, it was just quicker to get from the wrestling into the music. Not an issue, just a little difference. On the other hand the larger stage meant that things were a bit more spaced out, and this gave a more airy feel to the production at Rockhal. The AB room is also somewhat smaller, and has balconies, which gave the first night more of a packed feeling, and an additional sensation of intensity through heat. The second night the crowd was probably about the same in number, but due to the size of the venue, was a bit more spread out, which took out a bit of intensity but added the freedom of plenty of space to dance and freak out to the tunes of freaking Puscifer! Both venues had the same large screen behind the band, and the visuals throughout the entire night are somewhere between wow, mind-blowing, and funny as hell!

During act 4 there was a small break for the introduction of the evenings cast, and yeah what a cast it is! Luchafer on madness and atmosphere, Jeff Friedl on drums, Paul Barker on bass, Mahsa Zargaran from Omniflux on backing vocals, keyboards, guitars and good vibes. Mat Mitchell on Guitar. Carina Round on vocals, banjo and more. And of course Maynard James Keenan on Vocals. All of which are just great musicians, and talented showmen. But the most amazing one to me is Carina Round, her voice, and stage presence, the way she moves, the way she dances, are just an enormous part of what Puscifer is. Carina and Maynard, just make a perfect pair on stage, yin and yang, or two sides of the same coin perfectly playing off each other. Both of them just sounded incredible, and thus also kudos to the sound technician, who did an incredible job both nights, and especially at Rockhal, where many bands fail due the nature of the venue and the poor work of the sound tech. Maynard was a bit more chatty the 2nd night. Just before introducing the cast he looked at Mat and said: remember I told you I like playing in Luxembourg; this is why; (pointing at the crowd that had been cheering thunder for quite a while, actually keeping Maynard from beginning to introduce the cast.) Indeed I have rarely heard such a “small” crowd make so much noise, although in this case quite understandably, as most of them just had their minds blown.  Maynard also made reference to a joke with Jeff being the inventor of the scorpion kick, which Jeff proceeded to demonstrate, and is something like a horse kick followed by a spinning dance kick.  He also said something about Mahsa which sounded something like “Mrs. pubic…” something or other, but I am not 100% sure.. Probably another inside tour joke. He also thanked the crowd for coming out, and supporting them as they are 100% an independent production, and thus rely on the fans to be able to make their art what it is!

After the show I heard some people “complain” about the setlist wishing for a few more older songs, which I think was normal considering that Money Shot is already the 3rd album, add all the Ep’s and the fact that this was the first time in Europe, and most people here never having had the chance to see the older songs, it can be seen as a normal reaction. But everyone agreed that it had simply been mind-blowing! And that is the most important part of it all! We just got our asses kicked (both nights), and I don’t think you can find another act out in the music world today that is even comparable to Puscifer. So if you like live music, and a good show, do yourself a favor, and go see them!!!!  I for one will, and fairly likely will make it a tradition to go see them at least 2 consecutive nights.

I hope Puscifer will go on and release many more albums, and tour extensively, and I hope one day they’ll have a fan base that is open enough to let them fully express all their weirdness and madness! I think they show a lot of it already, but I am also certain that there is much more to come if we, the crowd, are able to keep up with them! So develop your ability to appreciate the unexpected, and keep on listening to Puscifer!


Skunk Anansie; Support Bones at Rockhal 11.02.16

Skunk Anansie were back at Rockhal last night for the 1st time since their excellent acoustic show a couple of years ago.Around 8 pm the opener Bones took the stage, and shortly after I heard the first sounds I went in to check them out, and they turned out to be the 1st opener in a long time to blow my mind. They are a trio (at least in a live setting), 2 guitars and a drum kit, and boy do these 2 ladies and a guy have a killer sound! Clever lyrics round out the package to be a great band. Unfortunately their set was only 30 minutes, but these were very enjoyable!

Skunk Anansie came on shortly after 9 and they were welcomed by a fairly loud round of applause. Skin is still the same powerhouse of a woman she has always been, hurling around the stage the entire show, crowd surfing, walking on hands, and commanding the entire venue to dance, and get down. The setlist was a great mix of old and new songs, and was well rounded out between slower songs, and the kick ass rock that Skunk Anansie calls theirs. They played for about an hour fifteen, and then came back for a 3 song encore clocking in the show around 95 minutes, which I liked a lot, but could have taken a few more songs.

The crowd was quite lively for Luxembourg, with a lot of people dancing and jumping around on occasion and the front third of the crowd pretty much dancing throughout the entire show. I started off a few meters in front of the soundboard, and ended up fairly close to stage as I had to get with the dancing crowd, just impossible to stand still when there is such powerful music blowing your mind. Unfortunately only few followed Skin’s invitation to really fuck shit up and essentially just let loose and go wild. When you look to the stage you can see 4 musicians that are just having a great time on stage, and that makes them sound even better. During the encore, Skin got the whole venue to get down, and then she started to walk through the crowd, found herself a comfortable spot, and then on the count of 3 everybody jumped up and she danced her way through the crowd back to stage, not missing a single note. She was in a great mood, as was the rest of the Band. Skin was joking with the crowd a lot, and was just fun to watch and listen to. Cass let us know that it was actually to the day the 22nd anniversary of Skunk Anansie, to which Skin added, that meant she started singing at the age of 6. Someone handed them a gift which turned out to be a print of the poster of their very first show ever, someone did their homework on this one, Kudos!  The crowd started to sing about a 12 versions of Happy Birthday at once, and luckily Skin quickly put a halt to that, and got us to start over in sync.

Overall the sound was fairly good as well, considering the show was at Rockhal Box, which is the large room sized down a bit with a curtain, so there was a bit of hall, but the sound technician managed it quite well! There is just one more thing to add, and that is: Skunk Anansie is always great to see live! I have been seeing them since the 90’s and although I have not seen every tour, to me, they sound and are as great as ever! If you have not seen them, you should go see them!

Massive Attack; Support Young Fathers @Rockhal 09/02/16

Massive Attack have been around for quite a while with their beginnings dating back to the late 80’s/ early 90’s and to date, I have yet to see a disappointing show! Not only do they keep on recording great new songs and albums, in a live setting they keep on reworking their best tracks to even gnarlier versions, but i am getting ahead of myself. Young Fathers took the stage around 7:45pm, and played for about 45 minutes. They had a great groove to their sound, but that many vocals are just no my cup of tea. Overall though they did a good job opening for Massive Attack.

At 9pm sharp the lights went out and Massive Attack took the stage. 2 full drum kits, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocalists, made for a perfect line up! They started off with powerful rocking versions of Battle Box and United Snakes, rocking to the point that some people might have wondered if they walked into the wrong show. But that is what I love about them, they kick ass in a live environment! The light show consisted mainly of 9 movable panels behind the band used for a variety of information and lighting effects. If you have seen Massive Attack in the past, you know that they are fairly political in their shows, and devote a large portion of their light show to hitting their fans with numbers, and references, as well trying to incite some deeper thinking, all the while delivering a stunning concert. Throughout the show they performed a great mix of new and old songs, but the old songs are never just played as you’d know them, no they rework them quite a lot often into more powerful rocking songs that I find to be more conducive to a live environment. For the encore they brought the Young Fathers on stage for 2 songs, and here these guys really excelled, within Massive Attack I like them better than on their own.. but that is just me.

My absolute favorite of the night would be Safe from Harm with which they ended the regular portion of the show, and despite being a classic they made it sound really fresh and powerful, actually more powerful than I have ever heard it. One could almost say they turned it into a full blown rock song. With the encore they played for 95 minutes, which these days, I guess, is considered a nice and long show, though for me personally they could have played a bit longer. Noteworthy is that the setlist had Splitting the atom listed as final encore but they did not play this one in Luxembourg. Honestly I am actually not surprised about this, considering that the crowd was the usual Luxembourgish stick up their asses, under no circumstance should you dance crowd. Overall I suppose even Massive Attack was bored by them.

All in all another great Massive Attack show, that with a better crowd might have turned into an even better one.. but one cannot have it all. If you have not seen Massive Attack, go see them, you’ll have great music, a wonderful light show that does also get you to reflect on a life a bit, and leaves you with a hopeful message: YES, together we can make this world a better place: Equality, Trust, Acceptance.

Setlist 09.02.15

The Filthy Broke Billionaires, Support : Fox, The Majestic Unicorns from Hell @ Rockhal (Floor) 15/01/16

So this past Friday the Filthy Broke Billionaires had a show to support the release of their new EP “in god we trust, the others pay cash”. They were supported by 2 more local acts, Fox, and the Majestic Unicorns from hell. They played at the Rockhal Floor, which is the 3rd room in the Rockhal and by far its smallest, but sound wise may just be the best, as it is so small it has none of the Rockhal typical problems of too much hall and echo. Certainly a venue to be considered for smaller events and gigs! The event was stated to start at 8:30pm which due to the weather (yes winter finally swept through Luxembourg and as usual the traffic world fell apart) turned into a 9pm start when the crowd had swollen to a decent size. First up was Fox which although all of the musicians are solid craftsmen is not my cup of tea, at all, too easy listening, and too radio friendly sounding for me, but overall nice performance.

Up next were the Majestic Unicorns from Hell, which indeed were quite Majestic in their sound but did not look like Unicorns in the least. But looks don’t matter to me as long as the sounds is there, and they sure do have a solid sound! Their music is heavy, fast, and structured, providing you with plenty of hooks and rhythm changes to not become boring, all the while telling you a nice story with their sound.

The final slot was taken by the Filthy Broke Billionaires to present their 5 track EP (which I did pick up but didn’t get around to listening yet so I won’t comment on the EP). They played for about an hour which was very reasonable, and they sounded spot on, right from the start! And the crowd well warmed up by the previous 2 bands got into a good groove right away. Priscila da Costa on vocals was the star of the night with her smoky rough vocals and screams tearing through the crowd like a sword. They played every song from their EP, plus a few other that did not make the cut, but still sound great! On drums there is Spit which is quite an animal, and pounds away on his drums with ease and precision, Yves van Oekel on Bass nicely completes the rhythm section! (On bass a little bladder training is recommended though, as having to take a piss break in a 1 hour set was a bit weird,and considering it was their EP release they all looked fairly sober so we cannot blame booze.) Yacke on guitar completes their line up, and although he is the shortest of the pack he sure knows how to handle his guitar, he stands out through competence on guitar as well as a bit of a big mouth, but rounds out the sound of the Filthy Broke Billionaires nicely! Overall I'd say the filthy broke billionaires play a fairly dirty sounding Rock 'n' Roll with a touch of blues. I sure hope they captured the intensity of their live sound on the EP as well.

If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check them out, as they are one of the more recent and interesting up and coming bands in Luxembourg. For me this show marked my first concert of the year, and well it was a very promising start, and I look forward to many more shows!

Soundgarden june 24th at Rockhal

Soundgarden Support : lost in pain at Rockhal Luxembourg 24.06.14  

After a cancelled show in 2012, Soundgarden finally made it to Luxembourg last night for a gnarly gig. A gnarly gig as far as Soundgarden themselves are concerned, the crowd and venue leave things to be desired.

Lost in Pain opened the night, and they played for about 30 minutes, most of which I missed out, but the last track they played sounded as if the music could be good, if supported by a clear and clean sound unlike what the Rockhal offers in its “box” configuration.

So the event took place in the main hall, which was divided by large curtains, so there was a shitload of echo that the Soundgarden sound-tech countered with volume, so the show was pretty loud.

We were back in the room for about 10 minutes when they took the stage around 9:15 pm. The venue was far from packed and even the smaller “box” configuration was not sold out.  So I wonder why not change to their smaller room, have a packed room, with a somewhat better sound, and possibly an atmosphere enticing more people to dance.  Anyhow when they took the stage a noisy intro led right into “Searching with my good eye closed”, which is quite a gnarly opener!  They followed up with a powerful rendition of “Spoonman” but without the spoon solo was replaced by some fine guitar noise.  The next track came from Ultramega ok, which Cornell dated to 1987 with a somewhat grinning comment that some people in the crowd had not yet been born. I guess they are getting older as well, but there is still an influx of new fans, to keep them going, and they bloody enjoy it.  Overall Cornell really tried to animate the crowd, trying to get them to sing the chorus of “Outshined” which also led to a mildly changed version of the track, as the crowd sucked pretty much at singing the chorus, it was doubled up, and Cornell made the second time around sound as it’s supposed to be. Following this changed version, Chris said that they like to change stuff while on stage, which I personally applauded and applaud a lot! At least they don’t get boring! Up next was “Black hole sun” which was probably the only track that the entire crowd knew, so that was heavily applauded, but was certainly not the highlight of the show.  “jesus christ pose” really blew my mind, as they performed it even more powerfully than the album version. By the time they played “been away too long”, finally a small moshpit formed to the left of the stage, this gave me a bit of hope that the crowd could still go wild, but it did not really happen. Unfortunately due to a knee injury I couldn’t jump in, but I had a hard time restraining myself, and ended up dancing more than my knee would have liked, but after all it’s a rock show, so a little pain can’t ruin the fun.

Granted the sound was far from ideal at the beginning but improved throughout the show, so by the end of it, it actually sounded quite alright even though not stellar, overall the concert was very satisfying to me.  My highlights were “outshined” “jesus christ pose” “blood on the valley floor” “superunknown” “fell on black days” “rusty cage” (where most people failed to actually break their cage and dance a bit) and a very heavy and doomy “4th of july”, which ended the regular show in a soundcloud of feedbacks and guitar sounds. A few minutes later they came back out for 2 encore songs, which made the show clock in around 2 hours. Finally a decent length rock show again!! Kudos to Soundgarden for not falling victim to the trend of 70 – 90 minute sets.

Overall there was very little interaction with the crowd, understandably, since the 4 guys on stage played out their souls, and the crowd gave them nothing in return but applause.  I don’t think I will ever be able to understand how people can stand still for 2 hours at a rock show. I mean if you purely want to see the band, why not pick up a dvd, or log on to YouTube in the comfort of your home.  If you pay 50 € to go see a band, why not really enjoy yourself? Why not let go of your stuck up mentality for even 5 minutes and just go wild? I tried but I just can’t understand it.  Being at this show with an injured knee I could not go completely wild, but even though I was in pain, I could not manage to stand still even for a minute.  The music was/is just too good not to enjoy it with every fiber in your body.  So I look forward to seeing them again hopefully next time around in full health to be able to give back as much energy through dancing and partying as the artists themselves give out to the crowd with their music and performance!

For a full setlist, visit:

Nine Inch Nails - May 16th at Rockhal

On May 16th 2014, Nine Inch Nails played the Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. We got to the venue quite late so we missed Cold Cave who opened for NIN, but from what I heard we did not miss all that much.  NIN took the stage at 9pm sharp, openeing with "Me, I'm not" which we saw from the back of the venue as we headed in. By the time of "Copy of A" we had found our spot a little to the left of the stage and about 10 meters back from the speaker stack which turned out to be quite a good spot as the volume was not quite loud enough, and thus was quite shaky in the back half of the room as the sound in the Rockhal is far from stunning unless it's cranked up enough. We were however in a spot that sounded quite alright, but had the usual stiff Luxembourgish crowd, but that did not keep us from dancing although I think the people around us did not quite like it, but who cares, it's a rock show, and a good one at that. So after a few menacing looks I pointed out that NIN has some really great live releases that can be peacefully watched at home, which was not a comment to well taken, but again it's a rock show.

For the first 3 songs, ("me i'm not", "copy of a" and "1'000'000" the band was standing in one line at the front of the stage, and they only showed us the drum kit for the next tracks, which were also much more powerful with the support of a real drummer, than the first 3 tracks.

By the 4th song which was "march of the pigs" I had a hard time to hold back and actually bumped into quite a few people while dancing, at the least there was 3 of us dancing so we did not get beat up.  From what I could see the only real movement in the crowd was in the very front rows, and no real moshpit to be seen anywhere, otherwise we would have moved there.   Here the power of a real drummer vs. a sampler was clearly felt. "piggy" was next, and brought the dancing down a bit as it is such a slow song, but still had more power due to the drummer than the openeing songs.  The light show was stunning and had some special lights, that were possibly designed just for them, lots of movement, and flashing lights.

The next few tracks were all accompanied by the drummer, "Survivalism", "gave up", "sanctified", and "closer" which as usual put the crowd into a mild frenzy. About halfway through the show a few more friends found us, so there was about 5 or 6 of us dancing and jumping and headbanging, which made for a bit more fun. Then the backdrop hid the drum kit away again for some of the newer tracks: "the warning", "disappointed", "came back haunted", "the great destroyer", "the day the world went away" .  Then when they went into "eraser" the drum kit came back out, and I was blown away by this hypnotic song, which has always been in my favorites.

"Wish", "only", "the hand that feeds" and a very powerful version of "head like a hole" closed out the set, at 1 hour 30 minutes sharp.  Trent came back on stage for a short encore of only "hurt".

Overall I'd say a really good show, a good mix of old and new songs. As usual very little interaction with the crowd, and a focus on the music, which is always welcome!  In the end personally I preferred their show at Rockhal a few years ago on the Wave goodbye tour, but it was a better show than the one I saw last August at Pukkelpop.  I will certainly go see them again!


The full set list can be found here:

Kyuss Lives @ Rockhal support: heartbeat parade 12.06.12

Kyuss Lives @ Rockhal support: heartbeat parade 12.06.12 Following a nice Indian dinner with plenty of cardamom liquor, on the way to the Rockhal we got a nice high going. We got there a bit late so Heartbeat Parade was already on stage. We caught only a bit of them, as it was indeed time to get a bit higher. Apparently we were not the only ones doing so, as at the merchandise stand the band was also looking for some weed. We helped them out a little, but only a little as none of us had brought a lot, other than the dozen pre-rolled joints I had on me.

S. , C. and I entered a little earlier as we did not want to repeat last years’ experience of missing the intro. House of the rising sun by the animals, was a nice choice, and perfectly fit with the current “desert sun” backdrop. Bruno Fevery, and Billy Cordell entered the stage first, and these 2 sure do kick ass, Nick Oliveri, and Josh Homme (who hasn’t been in a decent band since Kyuss) were not missed at all! Followed by Brand Bjork, and John Garcia, they started us of with Hurricane, and it took all but 2 seconds before we had moshpit going, and plenty of space! At the beginning it was only 3 or 4 of us, but luckily the freaks in attendance started to gather around our spot and joined in the fun! I guess we shocked a few people that probably planned to be standing in the middle of the room for the entire show ;)… But after all it is freaking KYUSS! One inch Man, kicked our asses some more, as did the rest of the set list! By Gardenia I was already dripping wet, and there were about 10-15 people in the pit, which looking around us, was quite a variation to the rest of the room. Not that the band was not seriously kicking ass, but the crowd was at their usual Luxembourgish best. ( a large stick up their ass, so they can’t move anymore.. be careful not to become a victim if you visit concerts in Luxembourg) By the time of Freedom Run, it was time to light up again, after all Kyuss defined stoner rock, so by my standards; at least a few people in the crowd should be getting high. Additionally the jam at the end of Freedom Run, made for an opportune moment to smoke a bit. At least by now the moshpit was going strong and well! Kudos to the nice gal that gave me a sip of her beer, which was very needed by this time. Overall the light show was very basic, and no excessive visuals were in use, ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, just the way it ought to be! After a brutal 100° the band left the stage for a few minutes only to come back and blow our minds a bit more! Molten Universe was as powerful as ever, Spaceship landing has always been one of my favorites so, thanks for that! And of course Odyssey! “Take one to the mountain, take one to the sea, then you take one to the belly of the beast, and then you’ll take one with me. “ Which we did to the fullest extend! HELL YEAH, and looking forward to hearing and seeing Kyuss again!

Hurricane One inch man Gardenia Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop Thumb Green Machine Freedom Run Whitewater El Rodeo 100° Encore: Molten Universe Spaceship landing Odyssey