Four walls surrounding me, slowly coming down on me. It dawns on me that there might be no escaping these solidified stones. Watch the door slowly disappear into nothingness, turning in to solid stone as I run to reach, the last act scene my escape. Not this time around as I hit the wall. Look out the window, turning black, no escape as I reach out, only to feel the cold coming in on me.

How long have I been sitting here? No light falling in to give a hint. The walls start telling their stories, no mouth that moves just words coming from stone. Realizing it is not one voice, but every single stone. Telling me how they became, a wall, layer by layer, every intention to become a home. Never meant to be this prison for me. To much had they seen to still maintain the good will, sucked of all their energy to give long before I sat here, wanting to escape. Too long had I been sitting here to believe a word I heard. Too many lies believed to eagerly to fall again. No this time all I would trust was my mind that I had to leave behind.

Four foot walls, my body unable to penetrate. Nothing to do but leave it behind!
Lay down straighten my spine. Listening to the air filling my lungs so easily, the heart is still racing. Just closed my eyes and listened, the walls turning silent wondering at the calm I was about to produce. Thoughts flying by at the speed of light, but no they are not of interest now. Colors of every shape and size moving behind my eyes, easy to get lost in them, but no, they are not of interest now. Feel my body, all the small sensations so easily overlooked when alive. After a while all starts to fade like the rest in this life, even feelings and sensations are volatile. Every breath slowing down, deeper, enticing the heart to adjust its rate to the quiet rhythm of these war drums still pounding to my breath.

Feeling the time to leave closing in, my skull slowly opening. Almost feel the sting as something like a white transparent liquid comes out, slowly flowing, revealing a shape that turns out to be another me. Up I rise looking down on me it dawns to me, that is my body lying there, tender almost like a silver umbilical cord I am still connected to it. Somehow drawn to it. But long since I made up my mind to leave this place behind. Still floating under the ceiling. Slipping through I think and already outside I stand, looking at the stars glowing in the night sky, I rise.

A soul seeking out the last refuge, heaven and the stars....