Random Encounters

Just a smile, was where it began,
another random encounter,
unlike the majority, running deeper,
feeling strangely close and comfortable
was it just a figment of my imagination?

a kiss, up high in the night sky,
a million lights, and even the full moon
outshone by your glow, the light in your eyes
shot up high into the sky,
the moment where gravity is unreal;
feeling free with the desert wind,
ephemeral moments in time;
memories to be cherished

so surreal, and strangely real
when time spent is too short,
when there is a million things to say, to ask and take in;
and yet nothing has to be said or done,
random encounters that touch the soul
can they ever last long enough?
and how random are they really?

©steve sniukas (written august 2015)


The way things happen.

The magic of the moment;
when it all aligns
goes outward in, inward out.
and you realize a million little things
had to fall into place
to create this magic moment

can you do anything?
anything but stand in awe,
and love the perfection of it all!
no matter what happens next,
the perfect moment, is so forever after!
pure, just as the fire touching the earth, cleansing!


©steve sniukas

Heaven and Hell

My eyes were deafened by the sound
my ears were blinded by the sight
standing in heaven
feeling it like hell

Close my eyes, so I can see
the way I’m heading in
no longer waiting for the day
that’ll never come

Don’t regret a thing;
are you the one
to paint the pictures
from inside my head?

Don’t shoot for the moon
for I know I can only find myself
among the stars at large


© steve sniukas


A smile, beautiful from the heart
such a pleasure to see.
just a little shy, innocence in the eyes
beautiful as the clear blue skies
on this first of spring mornings,
no mourning to be felt here today
small caps of snow still hanging by
a thread on a winter finally passed in June.
the air, still chilly, yet your warmth radiates,
and heats me to the core.

Sweet scent lingering in the air
feel free to suck it all in,
life is reverberating in me;
an echo of eternity
change from clown,
no more face,
it’s the real me
to you, a freak I might be,
but you know what,
I feel free.

© steve sniukas


Run on down,
you have to break lose!
cut all your ties,
every now and then.
Stay in your flow;
stay the one you chose,
find the balance between the two.
it’s not too soon, and not too late.

Come on, run on down,
you have to break lose!
let go of all your ego,
go back to when
you still had your glow;
bring it back with you,
here and now in the blue

It’s your choice to remember and move, move as you, run on!  


©steve sniukas

the grip

You cast no shadow,
the darkness in you
is not your own.

You have your own,
held captive by someone or something
who’s hiding inside of you

Can you break their grip and
cast your own
shadow and light of only your own

That’s the beauty of your soul
your own yin and yang
complete in your own

Can you break the grip
of whatever is feeding on your soul
cast your own shadow in your own light!

©steve sniukas

Fit in?

Do you want an ordinary life?
Do you envy those that don’t see past what their eyes perceive?

How can you crave so badly just to fit in?
How can you aim to be but an average John Doe?

When there is so much magic in your soul!
Is it the old craving for what you haven’t got?

Don’t you want to push the envelope?
Don’t you want to embrace the magic all the way ?

©steve sniukas

The Freaks

What freaks we are!
always craving what we cannot have
and when we can, we cannot
even enjoy it.
already craving something else!

Devoured by our desires,
burning from the inside out.
leaving empty shells,
unable to fill these voids.
screams echoing the hollow,
inside of us disconnected freaks.

Disconnected from ourselves
we plug our minds into a machine
(sharing our frivolousness with the rest of the world)
have we become a race of freaks?
or just a joke of ourselves,
that we no longer get ?


© steve sniukas

the warning

Broke the heart of everyone i ever loved.
now it's time for darkness to come visit me.
karmic law has to be this way.
as i sit here with tears in my eyes,
realizing i broke them all.
and for that alone i deserve to die.
but the knife on my wrist would be too easy now.
No, i'll take the long way,
and will go with the solitude;
i cast upon myself with every step along my way.
Be safe, and stay away!
and i hope you'll find happiness, still!


© Steve Sniukas

The Sparkles' Glow

The sweet fairy’s
sparkling and glowing
so much stronger,
this goddess is so pure

She’s the one,
the goddess herself,
manifested to rescue me,
such purity, she even cleansed me

not from this world,
she brought me back to life,
the glow, constant flow,
bending time and space

No wondering about,
no wandering about,
know now to give freely,
came undone,
become one!

And all that surrounds
has disappeared!


©Steve Sniukas


red sparkles falling
floating in space and time
bending all there is

give all there is to give
floating in this red glow
constant flow
of peace and fire

no wondering about
no wandering about
freely floating
bending time and space

it takes no effort
there are no rules
to this freedom we found
there is nothing to see
only to feel all that is, has been, will be
come undone
become one

and all that surrounds
begins to disappear