Sitting here, frozen
thoughts wandering off,
to the depths of the soul

wondering how far does this way lead; well
apparently to the innermost essence
the eternal, from where we came, to where we’ll go

so why can’t we just look down this rabbit hole
ego keeping us back; bound to this seemingly never ending grasping
god I don’t know what to say
trying to drown the ego, let it sleep
hoping that ego will let me 

yet still sitting here led by ego to ways
that cause most harm
and the love that we feel is all
that can save us now

take me back there, take me back like on a time trip to where I belong
down there where it is all safe
down there
wish there was a pill to take me there;
wish there was someone to say:
“take the blue pill, wake up in the morning, remembering what you want;
take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.”

but this ain’t the movies,
and so we take the long way
to find this place

there ain’t no pill to take me there