Floating beyond the four walls, glancing down, how much more can the silver cord be stretched before it snatches. It keeps me bound to the marvels below, and yet I long to reach out and touch the sky. The third dimension remains still to unknown to split, to much left to discover to leave it all behind. Although the mission remains a mystery, the feeling residing inside lets me take a glimpse every once in a while. Until now, no master plan, I only deliver, that is all. Unquestionably the time to go has still to come else I’d be gone since long.

No, still need to explore, there are some things left to do, starting here and now, floating above my personal, demonic four walls. The sky above, unclouded, stars sparkling, as I try to close my eyes, I realize my lids are translucent, as the deep blue see, can sometimes be. I try to move but there remains no physicality in my being. So how can I move, seemingly stuck in this spot above my four walls, I realize a thought is all it took to get out here, another thought getting me over there. Looking down at the city of sin, millions of lights enthralling us to come in, play a game. No not tonight, as I fly through emptying streets, into halls of fame and loss of all; get out look around, the stars above by far more enticing, than this neon freak show distraction. Hanging in the sky black as a raven’s feathers, glowing like sparkling diamonds, suspended in nothingness, defined by darkness. And still their shine is so powerfully piercing through; no darkness can surpass our glowing friends.

Suddenly I see, I am not the only one floating up, see what appears to be other souls, reaching out, going up, some with a cord like mine, some without, lost their last dime, and jumped of the clip to leave worldly matters behind. Where are they headed, not the ones still alive, connected to their body, but the ones that slit the last connection. All of them seem to be headed in one direction, but where does it lead? What is next? Declared dead but obviously something is still there, something which most do no longer care to see, the life-force that brought them here in the first place, remains unchanged, vital.

Calling them to wait for me, so we can communicate. But no, they just motion for me to follow, heading for the Milky Way. I feel my cord strain to keep up, my worldly desires keeping me bound to my body too eagerly to follow, and see what comes next, where our souls head? Exhausted I surrender, turn around, make a final turn and head back to a body, which seems to be asleep, yet strangely conscious I remained all this time… want to see what is next ?