beyond the edges
no more centers appear
and yet,
no vast emptiness, to be felt
as we pass the gates
of our subconscious going with the flow
enter completely
and there is no more going out
free flow! free fall?

floating above the clouds, that are no more
no more than you and I
yet all there is to be
be free, as slaves we remain

as life turns, choices I make
seem to matter, and yet always come back
come back to the path of the flow
asking me to let go

a dance that encompasses
all that is, all that was, all that will be
as our third eye opens
to see all that we can be

freedom can be found in the oddest of places,
and all along my devils’ are chasing me
down to the darkest of places,
up to the brightest of heavens
as I disappear in a crowd

no need for mutiny or revolution,
we need revelations of our subconscious
to stimulate evolution.

© Steve Sniukas