Refuse! Resist!

refuse to accept violence as a viable solution to any problem!
refuse to accept hatred as an acceptable response to anything!
refuse to let terror strike fear into my heart!
refuse to let hatred into my heart!
refuse to let my love and compassion be drowned in blood!
refuse to give up any more freedom under the disguise of security!
resist temptation to follow their lead, to follow their ways!
resist to follow the crowd into revenge!
resist temptation to fuel the hate!
resist to follow into violence for it will foster nothing more!
I know I can do better, and I know, so can you!
Should you choose to!

Random Encounters

Just a smile, was where it began,
another random encounter,
unlike the majority, running deeper,
feeling strangely close and comfortable
was it just a figment of my imagination?

a kiss, up high in the night sky,
a million lights, and even the full moon
outshone by your glow, the light in your eyes
shot up high into the sky,
the moment where gravity is unreal;
feeling free with the desert wind,
ephemeral moments in time;
memories to be cherished

so surreal, and strangely real
when time spent is too short,
when there is a million things to say, to ask and take in;
and yet nothing has to be said or done,
random encounters that touch the soul
can they ever last long enough?
and how random are they really?

©steve sniukas (written august 2015)

Worth remembering?

3:30 am, as the birds start to sing,
madness is still in full swing
letting it out, breathing it in.
what words are worth remembering?
most likely all those that we forget

time and space are crumbling on each other
circles with no ends, and no bridges to get over the gaps
deep black holes, drawing us in
where have we gone, the you and I
we knew
or are they still here with us?
spinning in our graves ?

madness in full swing,
whirling like the wind
already overstimulated, aren’t we ?
pushing to keep habits alive!
there is no more
room for error
cause we already fucked it up so many times!

what words are worth remembering?
probably those that we forget!


©steve sniukas


The way things happen.

The magic of the moment;
when it all aligns
goes outward in, inward out.
and you realize a million little things
had to fall into place
to create this magic moment

can you do anything?
anything but stand in awe,
and love the perfection of it all!
no matter what happens next,
the perfect moment, is so forever after!
pure, just as the fire touching the earth, cleansing!


©steve sniukas

Heaven and Hell

My eyes were deafened by the sound
my ears were blinded by the sight
standing in heaven
feeling it like hell

Close my eyes, so I can see
the way I’m heading in
no longer waiting for the day
that’ll never come

Don’t regret a thing;
are you the one
to paint the pictures
from inside my head?

Don’t shoot for the moon
for I know I can only find myself
among the stars at large


© steve sniukas


A smile, beautiful from the heart
such a pleasure to see.
just a little shy, innocence in the eyes
beautiful as the clear blue skies
on this first of spring mornings,
no mourning to be felt here today
small caps of snow still hanging by
a thread on a winter finally passed in June.
the air, still chilly, yet your warmth radiates,
and heats me to the core.

Sweet scent lingering in the air
feel free to suck it all in,
life is reverberating in me;
an echo of eternity
change from clown,
no more face,
it’s the real me
to you, a freak I might be,
but you know what,
I feel free.

© steve sniukas


Force fed, like childrentreats that become a pain no free will left to breathe

treat you like a child they need to control how long before the rise in mutiny

the master that became the slave no free will left to breathe long since the brave has gone to feed

a monkey in a cage howling how long before the rise of rage to break free of the chains

long since past, the time of the master being in control count to three

Drop dead


©Steve Sniukas