daily life

Refuse! Resist!

refuse to accept violence as a viable solution to any problem!
refuse to accept hatred as an acceptable response to anything!
refuse to let terror strike fear into my heart!
refuse to let hatred into my heart!
refuse to let my love and compassion be drowned in blood!
refuse to give up any more freedom under the disguise of security!
resist temptation to follow their lead, to follow their ways!
resist to follow the crowd into revenge!
resist temptation to fuel the hate!
resist to follow into violence for it will foster nothing more!
I know I can do better, and I know, so can you!
Should you choose to!

Random Encounters

Just a smile, was where it began,
another random encounter,
unlike the majority, running deeper,
feeling strangely close and comfortable
was it just a figment of my imagination?

a kiss, up high in the night sky,
a million lights, and even the full moon
outshone by your glow, the light in your eyes
shot up high into the sky,
the moment where gravity is unreal;
feeling free with the desert wind,
ephemeral moments in time;
memories to be cherished

so surreal, and strangely real
when time spent is too short,
when there is a million things to say, to ask and take in;
and yet nothing has to be said or done,
random encounters that touch the soul
can they ever last long enough?
and how random are they really?

©steve sniukas (written august 2015)


Run on down,
you have to break lose!
cut all your ties,
every now and then.
Stay in your flow;
stay the one you chose,
find the balance between the two.
it’s not too soon, and not too late.

Come on, run on down,
you have to break lose!
let go of all your ego,
go back to when
you still had your glow;
bring it back with you,
here and now in the blue

It’s your choice to remember and move, move as you, run on!  


©steve sniukas

Breathe - Surrender

surrender to your self,
surrender to your subconscious,
your mind doesn't know until it's too late,
so surrender to your subconscious,
let go of what you think you can control,
and you’ll be able to breathe,
your mind already knows before you even register it all,
so breathe,
breathe in the awe of what you’re capable of, without even knowing you are.


© steve sniukas

Fit in?

Do you want an ordinary life?
Do you envy those that don’t see past what their eyes perceive?

How can you crave so badly just to fit in?
How can you aim to be but an average John Doe?

When there is so much magic in your soul!
Is it the old craving for what you haven’t got?

Don’t you want to push the envelope?
Don’t you want to embrace the magic all the way ?

©steve sniukas

Same Shit? Please ??!?!!??

Please give them the same over and over;
please shove it down their throat
that’s the way they seem to like it.

Please repeat the same shit all the time,
please stay ordinary and in line
that’s what gets them going.

Are they really only pleased
by the mundane comfort of the known?
Please set them free!
Please let them open their mind!
Please let them appreciate something new!


©steve sniukas